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‘I’m tired of the ‘I don’t care’ attitude’

By David BoultonThe sport bible The Sport has called for an end to the “I don´t care” attitude towards buying medical appliances.

“Medical equipment has to be affordable for the average person, and it’s time that we get a better attitude to healthcare,” wrote sports writer David Boultons senior editor, in a blog post on Friday.

“Instead of blaming the poor for the health care system, we should acknowledge that our health care is a cost of doing business.

The attitude of ‘I care’ isn’t working.

It makes it easier to make poor decisions and worse decisions.

It’s time for us to take ownership of our health and our own health care.”

The sports bible also criticised the “faulty assumption” that doctors are somehow better than consumers.

Boultons wrote that doctors should “understand that they’re a consumer and a doctor, not a technician.”

He also urged the government to introduce “a more open discussion” about the costs of healthcare.

This “is a big step forward,” he wrote.

“But it still won’t fix the underlying problems of the healthcare system, because that will require changing the way we think about healthcare.

That’s why I hope we can help to fix it.”

Boulton added that healthcare needs to be “transparent and open”.

“As we approach the end of the year, it’s a good time to think about how we can best move forward with our health, to make sure the most vulnerable are protected, and to ensure we can invest in health that’s best for our communities.”

Boltons article comes just days after British doctors were hit with a new class action lawsuit for refusing to accept payments for medical equipment they say was covered by the state.

Health Minister Simon Burns announced a crackdown on healthcare providers in the wake of the allegations.

Under the new legislation, doctors will now have to provide a “full and complete explanation” of whether their equipment is covered by health insurance, and the cost of buying and installing the equipment.

He said the law would force the providers to make a public statement on the amount of the equipment that they purchased and install.

A spokesperson for the Department of Health said: “We will continue to work with the British Medical Association and other bodies to ensure the Government continues to take a strong stand against unfair practices.

We will also continue to support health and social care professionals to ensure that the right balance of consumer rights is upheld.”


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