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Why does it matter if I use my laptop?

The same question is asked in the UK too, but here it’s an even bigger deal.

You might think it’s a minor thing, but if you have to take your laptop to a job interview, or you’re going to a school event, or to go to a family function, it can be a real pain. 

We spoke to two doctors to find out more about what’s at stake when you get a new laptop.

Dr David Jonson, a general practitioner and consultant for NHS Choices, told us: ‘What people might think is a minor annoyance, when it really isn’t, can have a major impact on the health of people.’

There are a lot of issues with the technology in the workplace, especially for women.’

So, I think there’s a really important balance between being able to use it in the right way, and not making the people around you uncomfortable. 

‘What you’re not able to do is make yourself uncomfortable by making people uncomfortable.’

Dr Jonson has a doctorate in paediatrics from Edinburgh University and he’s a member of the British Association of Pediatrics.

He’s spent his career in paediatric emergency medicine and the UK’s health service.

He says that people who are using a new smartphone or tablet can actually have an adverse reaction.’

They are less likely to be able to get the right dose of medication that they need,’ he said.’

This is why people might have a headache when they’re using it, because it is very difficult to control the dose.’

Dr. Jonson is also a big proponent of using the smartphone as a communication tool.’

I think if you’re in the office and someone is asking you questions, it’s just not going to work.

So you want to be mobile.

So what you want is to have your phone at hand and you can be mobile and be in the moment, so that the conversation doesn’t feel like a struggle to you.’

Dr David says that there are three main reasons why a smartphone can be so helpful in the healthcare field.

Firstly, it gives you a quicker, easier way to find your way around the office.’

A lot of the things that you’re seeing on TV are done on your smartphone, so you’re constantly looking for the next thing that’s going to pop up,’ he explained. 

Secondly, it helps to keep you connected with your doctor.’

If you have a doctor who is sitting at a desk with you, you can easily go and get your prescription filled, or have a check up and then have a look at it,’ he says. 

And thirdly, you don’t have to be sitting at your desk all the time to get your medicine.’

When you’re sitting in the same office, you’re getting the same medication, and if you want it to go faster, you want a faster dose,’ he added. 

So, if you need a laptop to help you with your job interviews, or your school events, or even to go somewhere important like the theatre, you need to make sure you can get the medication that you need. 

How to protect yourself when you have new phonesWhen you buy a new phone, or buy a laptop, you probably know you’re about to open up your own personal world.’

You might get a message from your doctor saying you need an appointment, or maybe you need medication,’ Dr Jonson says.

‘That might make you think, OK, this is not the way I should be using my phone.’

He advises people to make their phones and laptops available to them, and to ask for their doctor’s advice.

‘If you’re just using a smartphone for checking emails or just looking up directions, then you’re more likely to get a phone call,’ he advised.’

And if you don-know the right medication, you might think, well, I don’t need to take it.’ 

But there are also things that should be kept a secret if you haven’t yet been prescribed a drug.

‘There are people who might be going into hospital who might need an ambulance, or someone else might need medication for an illness, and that’s all you need is a phone, and a laptop,’ Dr. Jaston explained.

‘So if you ask a doctor, they might be able give you a prescription, or they might have something like an appointment for you.’

He said that doctors are likely to give you an appointment when you’re younger, and can also prescribe you drugs as you grow older. 

You should also make sure that you can use the phone and laptop with care.

‘It’s important to use a smartphone and laptop when you are in the home,’ Dr Joanna Gompertz, chief executive of the Association of British Medical Colleges, told The Independent.

‘We know that you use the smartphone and your phone can be damaged and there are other risks, so there is a need for


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