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How to stop cancer, get back to health from the comfort of your home

When you’re diagnosed with cancer, it’s easy to be overwhelmed.

But the NHS doesn’t have a single person to guide you through it.

So we set out to help.

The BBC’s Greenville programme is investigating how we can help.

So what are the NHS’s top tips for avoiding the NHS?1.

Read the doctor’s notes.

If you’re concerned about the health of your body, it might be best to ask a GP or specialist.

The GP will be able to tell you how your cancer has spread and how to treat it.2.

Get your medical history and make a list.

You’ll want to get the information as soon as possible.

This includes any scans or radiotherapy, as well as any new tests.3.

Make sure you get your cancer tests.

Your doctor may be able offer free tests, but you’ll want them done by an experienced doctor.4.

Talk to a friend.

If the symptoms of your cancer are so severe you can’t do anything about them, there’s no need to take your own life.


Don’t panic.

The NHS will treat you like anyone else, and there’s nothing you can do to prevent a diagnosis.

But if you’re scared, it could be a sign you’re getting too close to your diagnosis.6.

If your cancer is diagnosed and you’re worried, talk to your GP.

They’ll help you find the right treatment and help you avoid unnecessary surgery.7.

Look out for the NHS cancer centre.

If a GP can’t get you to visit them, you can call the NHS helpline on 0800 653 466.

You may also need to call the Cancer Support Network on 0808 802 679.8.

Take care of yourself.

It’s best to have a good diet, exercise regularly and take regular breaks from work.9.

Get tested for cancer every two weeks.

This is a crucial part of your treatment plan.

You might be offered cancer drugs or tests for free.10.

Look for the nearest NHS cancer support centre.

There are many options.

If you have any questions about the NHS, you should contact your GP or GP practice.

If there’s a problem with your test results, contact your local NHS cancer helplink on 0845 571 478.

If your tests are negative, you may be asked to take a biopsy.

This involves an examination of your liver, kidney, bladder or cervix.

It will look for tumours and other cancerous tissue.

If there’s evidence of cancer, you’ll need to wait until you have an operation to remove the tumours.

After the operation, the tumour is removed and the tumorous tissue is removed.

This procedure can take up to three weeks.11.

Don, or don’t, wait.

If it’s too late to go to a GP, you might be asked if you need to go home.

The best advice is to call your GP when your symptoms are worsening.

You can call 0845 654 659 if you can arrange to meet at your local hospital or emergency department.


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