Ireland gets its own smart-home startup

Galway City Council has awarded a €2.3m grant to the Galway Healthcare Innovation Centre to help it build its own advanced smart-air control system.

The Smart Home Council, based in Galway, said the grant was part of a £2.4m project to support the startup, which will start its first year as a fully-funded company and be fully operational in the spring of 2020.

The smart-control system will have a central hub that allows for automatic switching of air conditioners, fans, lights, heating and other household appliances.

It will also provide a home-computer service that will allow owners to check their devices and control them remotely.

It is hoped that the system will also be able to automatically shut off heating and air conditioning devices when they are not in use.

Galway Healthcare’s director of business development, Chris Whelan, said: “The system will be able, if the operator needs to, to control any number of household appliances, like the oven, oven-to-microwave unit and dishwasher.”

The smart control system will provide a range of smart-features including a control panel that will let the operator know if the fridge is being used or not, the current temperature and whether or not the refrigerator is running.

It also has a centralised control system hub that will connect to a central network of computers, which can monitor the system and provide the user with alerts.

The Galway Government said the centre, which was set up in 2018 by the city council to work with a number of other health facilities, will help improve patient safety and health outcomes.

The new hub will be used to integrate medical appliances, electrical appliances and medical diagnostic equipment, according to a council statement.

The scheme will also fund the development of a range at the site.

It said the project would cost about €1m.


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