Galway’s hospital emergency medical services are not up to scratch

Galway city’s emergency medical service has not been up to the task of dealing with a number of major emergencies, including the recent flu pandemic, the Galway Times reports.

It is not known what caused the problem but Galway City Council has ordered a new helpline for the service, which will run for two months and will have to address the issues, said councillor Michael O’Mahony.

Inspector Peter Walsh said he was not sure why the issue had not been dealt with sooner, adding that there had been a number, including a case of respiratory illness.

He said it was a “complex issue” and the helplines would be staffed by experienced medical staff.

“There are certainly areas where we can be improved,” he said.

He added that a helplin would help to identify people who need support, and to ensure the services were delivered to people who needed them.

The helpliner, which is being called Emergency Medical Response, is to be staffed in the city by a team of doctors and nurses.

It is a one-stop shop for medical calls and other information.

Gardaí are investigating a number people in connection with the issue, which they believe could be linked to an earlier incident.

Mr Walsh said the council was aware of the issue and was working to rectify it.

Gartuin Hospital’s emergency response team, which has been providing medical services since November last year, has been overwhelmed by calls and is now dealing with several large numbers of emergency calls, the Dubliner reports.

In a statement, the hospital said: “Gartus was aware that a number patients had suffered respiratory illness during the flu pandemics.

As a result of the recent pandemic we have been experiencing a significant increase in calls and have had to respond to an increasing number of cases.”

The statement added: “As the situation in Gartuin has been stabilised, we are currently in discussions with a GP, ambulance crew and the police to determine the best course of action.”

We are working closely with our colleagues at Galway County Council and the Department of Health to ensure that this situation is resolved as soon as possible.

“Gartuen Hospital said it had a “full understanding” of the call and was taking all necessary action to ensure patients and staff were well and that the issue could not be further exacerbated.


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