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Medical Appliances List: Newest medical devices to be added to list

The world is getting a glimpse at a new wave of medical devices, as medical supply chain giants Samsung and Philips are joining the growing list of companies to add new devices to their lists of devices to list.

In addition to devices that have been on the market for years, Philips announced last week that it will now list the Philips Hue lightbulb and Philips Hue Speaker as well as the Hue lighting control system on its website.

Both the lights will be listed as “medical” devices.

The move to list devices by manufacturer comes as the medical device industry is struggling to get on top of the growing demand for medical devices and devices that do not require an external power source.

The growth of health care has taken on a much broader scope than just hospitals and medical facilities, with the advent of smart phones, tablets, and wearable devices.

The new listings could help bring more devices to the market, especially for the medical community.

The new listings have been a long time coming, with Philips being the first to add its devices to its list of devices in 2017.

The company previously announced the list of its medical devices in 2020, but it had to wait until 2019 because the United Kingdom’s government imposed a new policy requiring that health care devices, such as stethoscopes and imaging equipment, be listed on its health-related companies register, according to the BBC.

While the list will soon include the Philips Lights and Philips Health app, it also includes other medical devices including the Hue home automation system and the Philips Medical Thermostat, according a statement from Philips.

The Philips Health service will continue to be available as an on-demand app on Philips’ mobile and web sites, as well, the company added.

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