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Tens medical appliances supply chain is in shambles, report finds

A medical appliance supply chain in Arizona is in disarray with suppliers unable to supply tens of thousands of medical devices a year due to problems with the state’s health care system, a report by the Arizona Department of Public Health said.

The report was obtained by The Hindu newspaper.

Among the problems cited by the state were delays in obtaining and delivering the devices to hospitals and inadequate supplies of parts and parts kits, the report said.

In January, the department of public health and health security found that there were more than 1,000 medical devices in Arizona in storage.

As of July, there were nearly 1,100 medical appliances in storage, the state said in a statement.

There is no indication of an imminent crisis, the statement said.

But the state also cited a shortage of medical equipment, a shortage in parts kits and a lack of trained medical staff as the main reasons for the problems.

The department of health said in its report that some vendors and suppliers were unable to deliver parts and supplies to hospitals, as well as the need for training and certification to be able to operate medical appliances.

“A medical appliance supplier in Arizona has been in a situation of serious problems with a medical appliance manufacturing facility, the Department of Health Services has said,” according to the statement.

“The supplier has no business in Arizona and is not eligible for State Assistance.

A state inspection of the facility has been completed and will be followed up.”

The state also said the state has “limited capacity” to deal with the problem and had not been able to locate any new suppliers of medical appliances and other medical supplies.

The report noted that the shortage of supply was due to a combination of a “long wait list of potential vendors” and a “high demand for medical equipment.”

It said the shortage had led to “a significant backlog of medical appliance parts and equipment.”


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