How to get medical appliance history to your local emergency department

A lot of us know someone who has a medical appliance in their home that they use regularly.

But how do you find out what type of appliance they’ve had, and where it’s located?

In a recent CBC News investigation, we found that in the U.S., it’s not easy to find out how to find medical appliances that are often not connected to a specific service or location.

Here’s how you can get the medical history of your appliance if you’re interested in getting it repaired or replaced.


Check for a history online.

Many of the appliances we talked to said they’d been in the home for several years.

The ones that had been out for longer were often not accessible, but we could still see a lot of information on their website.

If you know what type and age the appliance is, that can help you find its location.

In addition, check to see if the information is listed in your state’s consumer information database.

It’s important to remember that there are no specific requirements to get a history on a medical device.

There are some limitations, but most medical devices have a warranty that covers the entire life of the appliance.

It is not uncommon for appliances to last up to 20 years.

If a device is still not working or not functional, the manufacturer will notify you.

Some manufacturers also require that you call a repair provider for an in-person service, which can be very expensive.


Check the warranty.

If the appliance has a warranty, check it to make sure the warranty is up to date.

Most manufacturers have a written warranty, which may be written on a piece of paper or printed on a card.

You should look for the warranty expiration date on the back of the card or on the sticker on the box that came with the appliance or you can find it in your local library.

If there is no expiration date, there may not be a warranty for the appliance, but if the warranty has expired, the maker will be responsible for paying for repairs.

If it’s in good condition, it may not require a warranty.

Some medical appliances, like appliances that help patients in nursing homes, may also have a medical warranty that may require you to call a doctor or a company that specializes in that type of device.

If so, you should ask the manufacturer for the expiration date and ask them to check the warranty if you have questions.


Call the repair provider if you don’t get a satisfactory answer.

Some people don’t have the time to call the manufacturer or repair provider.

Some are more interested in finding out what repairs are planned for the device, and others are interested in being notified of any work that is being done.

If someone is unavailable or you feel you have a problem with the device or its condition, you can try calling the manufacturer’s customer service department to find the repair shop where the appliance was purchased.

If that person is unavailable, call the company’s phone number and ask for their phone number, or try calling their customer service number to get more information about the repair.

Some repair shops will provide a contact information number for you.

For example, if you want to get in touch with a customer service representative for the medical appliance manufacturer, you could use the company number 888-739-2700.

Make sure to include the contact information you’ve gotten from the manufacturer, the repair company, and the phone number of the repair facility.

The repair company will send you an email that you can use to reach out to them.

If they don’t reach you, you might want to call their phone line to ask them for more information.

If your problem isn’t resolved, the company may not take the issue seriously.

You can always call the repair person to ask more questions about the issue.


Check to see how much it costs to fix the appliance: if you can, find out if there’s a repair plan available to you.

There’s a chance the manufacturer might provide a plan for a repair or replacement if you call the number listed on the warranty card or sticker.

The company might also provide information about when the warranty ends and when it starts.

If repair plans are not available to the public, you’ll have to make your own decision about whether to call for a replacement or to ask for the repair to be done.


If repairs are needed, ask the repair technician to help you.

Many medical equipment companies will not charge you to do a repair, but they will help you to make an informed decision about which method of repair is best for your needs.

If one of the options is an out-of-home repair, ask if you’ll need to visit a doctor for a check-up, follow-up visit, or follow-ups to the appliance and its components.

The health department may also recommend you have the appliance replaced with a new one.

If this is the case, the health department will also send a letter or email to


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