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What to know about the ‘Bachelor’ spin-off ‘The Bachelor’ (Part 2)

The Bachelor spin-offs are still a ways off, but we’ve got our first look at the spin-up from The Biggest Loser creator and star Adam Lambert, which is expected to launch sometime next year.

In this episode of MTV News The Bigg Boss, the two talk about the series and how Adam got his start in the game.

What to know:The Biggest Locker is a reality show that takes contestants to the Biggest Leagues in the world to prove themselves as athletes.

It is based on the Big Deal, an ESPN reality show which aired on ESPN2 in the United States.

It was a hit with viewers, winning the prestigious “Biggest Leaguer of the Year” award in 2012.

It also featured a variety of stars and celebrities including Serena Williams, Alicia Keys, Jason Aldean, Jaden Smith, Joss Whedon, Michael Jordan, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, and more.

In this episode, Adam talks about what inspired him to start the show, why he wanted to write The Big Deal and what the show has in store for the future.

Adam Lambert has been a fan of the Bigger Than The Bigest Locker since the show first aired.

He’s even hosted a spin-around of the show with a different host every week.

He tells MTV News he was a fan even before he signed on with the show.

Adam is currently filming a pilot for a reality series based on his “The Big Deal” and hopes to air it by the end of the year.

The Bigger than The Big Locker will follow the contestants as they compete for a chance to win a Big Deal by competing on the show and win a prize package.

Adam has already spoken about the project and what he hopes to see in it.

In the interview, he talks about the upcoming season of the series, which will feature two different hosts: one will be an actor, and the other will be a woman.

The Bigger Then Bigger Now series will be called The Big Grit and will focus on a different aspect of the game: “Bigger than the Bigest.”

The show will focus more on how to become the “biggest” in the Bigg League.

Adam said that his idea for the show came about after a show he saw called The Locker Room.

Adam said he and his friends went to the Lockerroom to see if they could compete against each other.

“We all wanted to do the Big Guts,” he said.

“I went to go try to take out the best Locker.

I had my best Locks and I got a few of my best locks, and I thought I’d go out there and take out some of the best.”

Adam and his team decided to try something a little different.

Adam’s goal is to create a series where the contestants compete to prove they can be the biggest in the universe.

He says that’s why the show will have two different host types, one a woman and the second a man.

He also wants to focus more and more on the different aspects of the sport, which include different sizes and weights.

Adam hopes that The Biggie Locker, his favorite Locker from The Grit, will be featured in the series.

Adam also said he has a lot of plans for the series when it premieres.

The show is expected release sometime next spring.

Adam and co-creator Nick Bockwinkel recently had a chat with MTV News about the Biggie series, and what it means to them.

In his latest MTV News interview, Adam said, “I’m really excited to be part of it and to work on it.”

The Biggie team also revealed that Adam is planning to write a new episode of The Big Game, which was a reality competition series that took contestants from around the world and asked them to win an annual prize package that could be used to buy a Biggie T-shirt.

Adam told MTV News that the new episode will be the most intense and realistic episode yet.

Adam also revealed in an interview with MTV New that he and Nick are “working really hard to get this show to be more than just the Big Game” and he hopes it will be “an epic, epic show.”

Adam has a busy schedule, including two upcoming seasons of the hit reality series, as well as other projects on the horizon.

He said he is currently shooting a pilot that will focus in on the contestants’ careers as athletes and that they will have a lot more time to work.

Adam recently finished filming a season of The Grazer, the show he co-created that focused on the lifestyle of a chef.

He told MTV New he plans to work closely with the chefs on the new season.

Adam tells MTV New, “We are going to be shooting in LA, which we did not have the chance to do because of the weather.

But we are definitely


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