Why does my computer have to restart?

A new security feature has been added to the Windows operating system, allowing Windows computers to automatically restart if a critical file or application is corrupted.

The new feature, which is being rolled out to a small number of customers, was first spotted by security researcher Daniel J. Sullivan.

Sullivan wrote on Twitter that the feature has the added benefit of preventing the automatic restart of Windows when a file is corrupted by “malware or viruses.”

Sullivan said the feature works by sending an alert to the user’s computer’s network connection, which the system then checks against a registry database.

If it finds that a file or program is corrupted, Windows then reboots the system.

Microsoft has not officially confirmed that the new feature is related to ransomware, but Sullivan pointed out that the malware-related notifications were also included in Windows 8.1 and earlier.

Sullivan said it’s not clear why the notification system would be configured to restart if the system was compromised, but said he’s not ruling it out.

“It may have to do with Microsoft’s new security policies in the future,” Sullivan wrote.

Sullivan also pointed out on Twitter why Windows was also designed to allow computers to auto-restart when a user accidentally logs on.

The feature will only work on computers that are running the latest version of Windows, and it only works for critical files or programs that have been corrupted, according to Sullivan.

He wrote that he’s been unable to find a Windows 7 computer with the feature enabled that’s running the version that Sullivan’s device was using.

Sullivan’s tweet prompted a number of other users to share their experiences with the new notification feature.

“After disabling the notifications I was able to restart it and the windows still refused to restart,” one user wrote.

“I also noticed that my computer would reboot into recovery mode even after the system had been restarted, despite being rebooted.

This is odd because recovery mode is supposed to help you recover your system from an issue.”

Sullivan has also discovered that Microsoft has disabled the feature on a number Windows 8 computers.

Sullivan tweeted a screenshot of the Windows 8 reboot message that appears when a computer reboots.

Sullivan has since removed his tweet and said that he will update the story when he can.


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