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The ABC understands the dentist’s concerns were legitimate, and are investigating the matter.

But the dentist has denied that any dentists were told to close on Saturday night.

The dentist told the ABC that he did not believe any of the coronavirus cases would have resulted in an emergency.

“We just closed down the dental services on Saturday and got out of there,” he said.

Mr Zuluaga said he had not been contacted by coronaviral coronaviruses expert Dr Ian D’Souza. “

If you’re not getting an emergency, then what do you do?”

Mr Zuluaga said he had not been contacted by coronaviral coronaviruses expert Dr Ian D’Souza.

He has advised health authorities about how to deal with the coronas.

Mr Zubaaaga said the dentists did not have to close down on Saturday.

He said the government had been working with the industry on a response, which would ensure that there was a safe and effective response for the public.

The Australian Capital Territory Health Department says there are no coronavaccine cases at the state’s hospitals.

The department said the dental association had not provided a copy of the email to them.

The Department of Health has said it would be a priority to investigate and determine the cause of any incident.

Dr Ian Zuluagas is the chief of dentistry at Kegel Clinic in Cairns.

He says he is not aware of any dental association closing their doors because of the current situation.

“The dental industry, particularly in Australia, is very protective of the public,” he told ABC News Breakfast.

“There’s no one on the inside that’s saying ‘I don.t want my dentists to close’.” Dr Zuluas said he was not aware that the Australian Capital Authority had closed down all dental practices, but the Association of Dental Surgeons of Australia had advised all dentists not to reopen their offices until a “comprehensive and comprehensive response” was conducted.

“As we speak, there’s no evidence of any coronavillosis at all at the dental associations,” he added.

“That’s what the dental industry is doing to ensure that no matter what happens, that we are getting the proper response.”

Dr Zulagoa said he hoped the public would take a step back and focus on the important work that was being done by the dental health workers in their communities.

“You don’t just come here and say ‘I’m not going to do my dental work and I’m not doing my care because I’m concerned about my safety’,” he said, adding that the public needed to understand that the “health of the community is the health of the nation”.

The ABC has contacted the Queensland Government for a comment.


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