What are the key features of Google’s smart home hub?

Google Home, the smart home device Google announced at the company’s I/O conference last week, has several key features that are set to make it one of the most popular home devices of 2017.

Among them are: Google Home supports smart locks, smart thermostats, smart lighting, smart lockscreen and smart home security.

Google Home also has built-in Google Assistant, Google Assistant for Android and Google Home Hub.

With the addition of Google Home hub, Google can create a personal assistant app for Google Home devices.

Google Assistant is currently available for Android phones, but the company is working on an Apple-like app.

Google Home also offers a smart lock feature that can be used to lock a door or window with a press of a button, or a physical button on a remote control.

This is similar to the Amazon Alexa skill for controlling Alexa, but you can also set a timer to lock the door or open the window.

If the timer runs out, the device will notify you when it needs to be unlocked or the lock will be automatically unlocked.

You can also use this feature to lock up the bedroom, lock the car, or even lock a room and have Google Home lock up and take over.

Google is also working on a feature that allows you to set a daily reminder, like if you want to set an alarm to remind you to check the mail, the clock will start ticking, or if you like to wake up early.

Google also added a new home alarm feature, called Home Assist, that can wake up your entire home by using Google Home.

Google’s new Home Assistant feature also allows you add a voice assistant to any device that supports Google Home to wake your home from the night, or just wake up to the day.

Google has also added new features to Home that allow you to sync up photos, videos, documents and other content with your Google account.

For example, you can use Google Photos to save photos and videos on Google Drive, and you can share those photos and files with other users.

Additionally, you’ll be able to send a video from your Google+ account to your Google Home for an instant download, and if you’re having trouble syncing up a photo, you’re able to share it directly from the Google Photos app.

Google is also adding a feature called Home Sharing that lets you share photos, documents, and other Google content from your Android phone to your Home.

You also can set a reminder for a specific time to sync your photos, or you can set up a notification for a particular date and time to send notifications to your friends and family about that date and/or time.

Google also added the ability to share a home screen with Google Home in a new feature called “Home View.”

This is an additional window that lets users take a photo of their Google Home screen and then share it on Google Home’s Google+ page.

The photo can then be shared on your Google home page, which can then display the photo in a Google Home app on the home screen, and in the Google Home interface itself.

You’ll also be able add Google Home and Google Photos from within the Google app.

You can also add Google Assistant to Google Home as an assistant for voice commands.

You may need to add the Google Assistant app to your Android device, but it will automatically start downloading when you plug in the device.

For the time being, the app will only be available for phones.

Google will also be introducing new Assistant-enabled apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

These apps will let you create and manage your personal Google Assistant assistants.

Google’s Google Assistant will also begin to work on Windows 10 devices.

The Google Home team said that the Google home experience will be similar to that on Windows PCs.

Google has also confirmed that the company will also bring Assistant-powered apps to Apple devices.

Google and Microsoft will announce a new app called Google Assistant Plus later this year, according to a statement.


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