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The Apple App Store for Medical Appliances

By now, most of you have seen that Apple announced today that it will begin releasing its App Store in partnership with healthcare organizations in the United States.

Apple has also announced that it has started to open the App Store to doctors, dentists, and podiatrists, as well as to patients and their healthcare providers. 

Apple has previously opened the App Stores to healthcare providers in the UK, Germany, and Italy, and now the US. 

The Apple Appstore is currently available in the US for iPhone and iPad, but it’s not available on all of Apple’s devices, including the iPhone and iPod Touch. 

In fact, some medical devices are not compatible with the AppStore at all. 

For example, the Jawbone UP9000 fitness tracker and the Medtronic Stem C6.1 heart rate monitor do not work on Apple’s AppStore. 

It’s also unclear if the new iOS 8.0 update will include an updated version of the App store for healthcare devices, as many users have asked. 

However, the Apple AppStore is a valuable tool for medical devices manufacturers to sell their products and is already used by healthcare providers to provide a seamless customer experience for patients. 

According to Apple, the Appstore will be able to provide access to medical information, including patient information and payment information, that is not currently available on the Apple Watch or the iPad. 

Healthcare professionals can also purchase their own AppStore listings to help them create new and unique apps. 

Medical devices companies like Apple can also benefit from the App stores’ ability to quickly provide medical information and offer customers the convenience of an app-based platform. 

As of today, the company is also working to open an App Store that will be available for Apple Watch, the iPhone, and iPad devices. 

Here’s a list of the medical devices that will soon be able use the AppStores new functionality: •Apple Watch:  Apple Watch apps will be added to the App Stores AppStore and will be usable by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who use Apple Watch devices.•iPhone: The AppStore for iPhone will be updated to include Apple Watch functionality.

It will also be possible for patients and healthcare providers who are Apple Watch users to purchase their AppStore listing.

Apple will also offer new functionality to the iPhone app, including an option to enable “Watchify” to allow users to listen to Apple Watch content without the need to download and install third-party apps.

Healthcare providers and patients can use this new functionality by allowing the user to listen in on medical audio and video that they want to view on Apple Watch.

AppStores app will be compatible with both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6s, and it will be easy for doctors and other health professionals to use. 

At the moment, Apple has only announced the App storefront for Apple TV and Apple TV Pros, but there’s a good chance that Apple will open an iOS app store for medical device users as well. 

What do you think of Apple opening the Appstores to medical devices users?

Let us know in the comments below. 

Read more about Apple’s medical devices partnership: Apple App Stores for Medical Devices


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