What’s green, what’s greening? medical appliance manufacturer Greenville Appliances says it’s all about saving the planet, and is offering up to $5,000 in incentives to help.

The Greenville appliance manufacturer says it is offering $5k in incentives for Greenville residents who take part in its #GreenUp initiative, which calls for residents to turn on and off green energy by buying and installing more eco-friendly appliances.

The program, which will run for three months, will allow residents to get a $5 rebate on their electric bills if they install a new green appliance.

If a new eco-green appliance has been installed, the rebate will be credited toward the electric bill, and the rebate would then be applied towards a monthly electric bill.

To qualify, residents will have to take part on a GreenUp site, and then sign a pledge to save the planet.

Greenville Appliers, which manufactures and sells energy efficient appliances, said it has partnered with a number of groups to reach out to people in Greenville.

“We are proud to have made the decision to help in this way and it’s an excellent way to engage with our community,” Greenville executive director of marketing and business development John Mims said.

A spokesperson for the Greenville City Council said the city was unaware of any incentives from Greenville’s program, and that residents should check with their local utilities and local officials to learn more.

With the GreenUp campaign, Greenville will be the first city in the country to get involved with the #Greenup initiative, Mims added.

Earlier this month, a number green appliance manufacturers joined together to launch a program called GreenUp, which aims to promote energy efficiency and green living.

The group, which includes some of the biggest names in the appliance industry, announced its partnership with Greenville on its Facebook page.


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