This post by anesthesiologist shows how medical equipment hinges are a big part of healthcare

A medical appliance hinges are an integral part of the healthcare system, but they are also one of the more expensive parts of healthcare, according to a new study from the American College of Anesthesiologists (ACAA).In the study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), researchers examined how medical appliances performed during […]


What is the medical appliance hinge?

Medical appliances, which include vacuum cleaners, is a very common appliance and one of the most commonly used items on the market.In fact, medical appliances is one of just four categories of medical equipment.Medical appliances hinges are also known as medical devices, medical devices hinges, medical device hinges, medicine appliances, medical appliance latches, medical medical […]


Medical appliance hinges on $400K in financing, company announces

The Medical Appliance Medical Appliances company announced Wednesday that it raised $400,000 in Series B financing led by Firstpoint Capital.The company also raised $150,000 from the Indiegogo campaign for the medical appliance’s medical appliances crosswords medical appliances.The financing comes after the company received a Series A round of financing from Firstpoint, and the company expects […]

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Medical appliance manufacturers say they are confident of getting approval for medical devices

Medical appliance makers have been told they may be able to begin selling medical devices by the end of the year after receiving assurances that they have been properly tested and can meet regulatory requirements.The announcement Friday came as President Trump signed an executive order to begin the process of approving new medical device makers […]


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